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W5AC QSL Cards

Below are images of the different versions of QSL card that our club has sent people over the years. Cards are in reverse-chronological order. Click for larger version.
Current QSL Card Front
1. Current QSL Card, Front

Current QSL Card Back
1b. Current QSL Card, Back

2. Current QSL Card:

Used since at least the 1990's, this
version shows off our HF antenna tower
when we were still located at the MSC.

Next-most recent version
3. Next-most recent version

(between the 1980's club renaming
and the 1990's QSL card revision)
Back of Next-most:
equipment available at the time
3b. Back of Next-most:
equipment available at the time
Aggie Bonfire-themed card
4. Aggie Bonfire-themed card
(equipment same as 2 at left)
Awards card
5. Awards card, large seal
and same equipment list

(used in 1973 and before the
club renaming in the 1980's)
Medium, circular seal
6. Medium, circular seal
Back of 'Medium'
6b. ...older list of equipment
1977 version
7. 1977 version (voided
copy) with...
Back of 1977 version
7b. ...slightly older equipment list
1976 Centennial QSL Card
8. 1976 Centennial QSL Card
Back of Centennial card
8b. Back of 1976 Centennial card
(older-still equipment list)
1969 version
9. 1969 version (voided
copy) with medium-large
seal and...
Back of 1969 version
9b. ...same equipment listed
as Centennial card
Table-on-front version
10. Table-on-front version (after
the 1963 name change to
Texas A&M University
W5AQY on EE building
11. Version from when the club
(then W5AQY) transmitted from the
Electrical Engineering building

(some time before 1953)
1934 (W5AQY) version
12. 1934 (W5AQY) version
Back of 1934 (W5AQY) version
12b. Back of 1934 (W5AQY)
1922 (5XB) version
13. 1922 (5XB) version,
when our antenna was
150 feet long and high
Back of 1922 (5XB) version
13b. Back of 1922 (5XB)
version, sent to Washington
State for a penny

The 5XB cards above are special - read their story here.

Trying to get a card for a QSL you had with us over the air? Our address is on the Shack Info page.

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