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Amateur Radio Testing

Q:What is the Technician amateur radio license?
  A: The Technician license is the introductory amateur radio license. There are a total of three license types: Technician, General and Extra. Each license type, beyond the entry level Technician, provide additional operating frequency privileges.

Q:What can I do with the Technician amateur radio license?
  A: The Technician license allows you to operate an amateur radio station on all amateur radio frequencies above 30 MHz (and a few select frequencies below). The Technician frequency privileges include the popular 2 meter band where most local and area communication occurs. An amateur with the Technician license can use voice repeaters using a mobile or hand-held radio to communication with other hams in the area or around the world via internet connections or amateur radio satellites. Many hams use their technician license to participate as severe weather storm spotters or to provide emergency communications support.

Q:Do I have to know Morse code to get my amateur radio license?
  A: No.

Q: Are there any age requirements to get an amateur radio license?
  A: No, anyone can obtain an amateur radio license as long as they pass the license exam.

Q:What is the total cost to get my amateur radio license?
  A: Nothing! Some VECs charge a fee, but we do not. All exam sessions conducted by Laurel VEC sponsored VE Teams are free.

Q:What is a VEC?
  A: VEC stands for Volunteer Examiner Coordinator. A VEC is an organisation that handles the testing process for amateur radio licenses in the United States. W5AC works with the Laurel VEC to provide examinations.

Q:What topics are covered on the Technician license exam?
  A: The Technician license exam, known as Element 2, consists of 35 multiple-choice questions. The test covers basic FCC rules, communications methods and procedures, basic electronics and safety topics. A passing score is 26 questions answered correctly.

W5AC administers examinations every now and then. To find out the next testing date, or to request a special testing sesion, email clubofficers@w5ac.tamu.edu

Latest Question Pools

Howdy! Here are the question pools for new members who would like to get an amateur radio license and a call sign. Technician Class Exam will be the first exam for beginners. If you can memorize all the questions in the question pool, it would be very easy to pass the exam. Send us an email when you are ready. We will arrange a test for you. Good luck!

Technician Class Question Pool Must pass this exam before taking other two.

General Class Question Pool For those who passed Technician Class Exam.

Extra Class Question Pool For those who passed General Class Exam.

It is possible that you can pass all three exams in one day, however, only few elites have done that. Therefore, it is recommended to start with Technician Class first and see how it goes for you. For more information regarding the license exam, please click here

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