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How To Join W5AC

Membership in W5AC is open to anyone interested in amateur radio (with personal aim and without pecuniary interest) at TAMU. Undergraduate or not, we'd still be happy for you to join club!

Becoming a member entitles you access to our shack, which includes a wide range of radio and electronic equipment. Learn from fellow club members how to use these tools, without having to purchase them all yourself. Hams don't just talk on the radio - they've also been known to work on antenna towers, build their own parts, and much more.

The easiest way to join is to attend our meetings. You are a member of W5AC once you agree to the club bylaws and operating rules, and pay dues to an officer (usually the Treasurer). Dues are currently:

  • $25.00 a year for full members (those that have amateur radio licenses) or
  • $20.00 a year for non-licensed and non-voting members.
Prorated membership is also available. Contact an officer for more information.

For more information about the club or about ham radio, peruse our links or feel free to contact the club officers - Officer Info page.

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