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Hidden Transmitter Hunt: Feb 5, 2011

We had a really great transmitter hunt this past weekend. The day started off cold, but by lunchtime, most were shedding jackets.

In attendance:

  • Glenn
  • Matthew Ellsworth, KE5VFO
  • Ezra Ginder, KF5DGY
  • Kevin Glueck, N5TLT
  • Bill Gordon, KF5AZU
  • Jeremy Northum, KE5RYB
  • Ulises Perez, KF5DXO
  • Paul Schattenberg, KF5JIM
  • Katy

We met at the new shack in the telecom building at hensel park around 9am and covered the basics of hunting. Bill hid the fox first. Bill's hide was on par with past camouflage practices. Most all of the hunters walked right past it, the author of this log included. Paul was first to spy the fox sitting in a natural hole covered in grass with mostly just the antenna sticking up. I think I was last to find it...I must've walked past it 4 or 5 times.

After all had found it, the rest of the club headed inside while Paul hid the fox next. The hunters gradually made their way to the hiding spot with Glenn, one of our guests (and future member I hope?), was first to locate it nestled among some rocks and bricks.

Glenn then hid the transmitter underneath a small bush with some grass camouflage on top. There might have been some fencing to either side as well. *wink* I'm not sure who found this one first, I think it was Matthew. And with that, Matthew earns the right to hide it next hunt!

After the hunt, the Photographers of the Group attempted to herd us into a decent photogenic location. Much discussion of food and hunger pangs took place while the group was photographed. We chose to regroup down the road at IHOP.

Thanks to all who were able to join us and make this a successful fox hunt!

Kevin Glueck, N5TLT

Feb 5, 2011 Foxhunt: Group Photo

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