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Hidden Transmitter Hunt: Feb 13, 2005

Writeup by KZ5M

We really had a great transmitter hunt this weekend. I don't know where to start but by saying we all had a good time.

The weather was almost perfect. Kevin N5TLT and Lance KJ5O set up two remote transmitters in Bryan and participated as the hunt master and official score keepers. Three teams made up the hounds. The first transmitter was the most challenging find. It was hidden about 10 feet up in the fork of a tree and camouflaged quite well with a dark cloth. I think that really threw off Myles KG5AI and Joe N5PYK, who are "old school" hunters used finding the hiders transmitting from an automobile. Half the hunt now is usually on foot, which requires some different technique and skill.

Sly N5GQB was the overall winner and won possession of "the greatest fox hunter" hat. Phebe N5MSH and I KZ5M came in a close second. We didn't have any current students on this hunt, so we may need to have a show and tell at the next club meeting.

After the hunt we gathered together to discuss the challenge as well as the twists and turns of both skill and fate we took along the way - and to snap a photo of the group.

We chose to meet at the Texas Roadhouse for dinner and to carry on the discussion of interest and ideas for more projects with the goal of having fun when we have the chance to meet again. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thanks to everyone who made this a good hunt!

Mike Mertes /kz5m

Feb 13, 2005 Foxhunt: Group Photo N5MSH's HT Shield

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